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OWASP DevSlop Modules

DevSlop has different modules that make up the project. You can use one, some, or all of them. They are all maintained to function independantly of each other.


OWASP DevSlop has a blog on dev.to!


This module is lead by Nancy Gariché.

We stream at least once a month on YouTube. You can find out when we stream by joining our Meetup Group. You can catch the shows you’ve missed on YouTube.

You can find the OWASP DevSlop Show schedule here.


This module is lead by Franziska Bühler.

Details to follow on Pixi-CRS.

Code to be found here.


This module is lead by Nicole Becher with help from Mordecai Kraushar and Tanya Janca.

Details to follow on Pixi.

Pixi Logo

Patty (no longer maintained)

This module was lead by Tanya Janca.

The old DevSlop website was the Patty Module proof of concept built with an Azure + ASP.Net Core DevSecOps pipeline. It released the website/web app through the pipeline to demonstrate implemented security automation.

Details to follow on Patty.

The Patty video series: YouTube DevSlop and YouTube SheHacksPurple.

Code for the old website, Devslop.co, is here