OWASP DevSlop Pixi Module - A.K.A Patty The Pipeline

This website is the Patty Module proof of concept! Built with an Azure + ASP.Net Core DevSecOps pipeline, it releases this website/web app through the pipeline to demonstrate implemented security automation. Most of the learning of this module will be done on the YouTube Video Series, where Tanya and a friend will Check out Patty! This module is lead by Tanya Janca.

The Patty video series: YouTube.

It is also streamed LIVE every Sunday from 1-2 pm, Eastern Standard Time on Mixer and Twitch!

Code for the this website,, is here.

Code for 'Patty the pipeline' only available as a JSON export, and is not fantastic for importing, so we're not sharing it yet. If you have an idea on how to share it please let us know.